Malaysia is a truly modern country what's more, is to be found at connecting purpose of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Malaysia Tour Packages offers wide range of experiences and one of the most beautiful destination in South East Asia. Here you can see the mixture of culture and peoples like Indian, Malay, Chinese and more probably european which makes it one of the most favoured tourist destination. The capital city of Malaysia i.e Kuala Lumpur mainly known as a complete shopping paradise. From pristine beaches and islands to nature reserve and zoological parks, Malaysia is to encounter the way of life over the glorious scenes. 

Malaysia Tour Packages from India

Malaysia is one of the finest travel destination situated at South East Asia. Scroll down our customised malaysia family tour packages and get a holiday package for Malaysia for an memorable tour. Most of the TravTourist malaysia honeymoon packages commence from any part of metropolitan cities like, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. 

What's the best time to Visit Malaysia from India

The best time to visit Malaysia is generally between November and March as there are less chances of rain to occur in between this. Temperature generally ranges from 22 - 28 degree celsius mainly with a tropical climate. So our advise to choose cheapest malaysia tour package according to your preference. 

Famous Attractive Sightseeings one must visit in Malaysia

There are many attractive sightseeings one can enjoy in Malaysia. The capital city Kuala Lumpur exhibits perfect blend of several communities like Chinese, Malays, Vietnamese and Indians. Kuala Lumpur is spotted with scopes of attractions having their incredible highlights and wishes to investigate amid visiting and investigating this city. Various attractions like Petronas Tower, Batu Caves and Central Market etc. 

Petronas Tower:  This is also known as Twin Tower building, considered as a notable milestone symbolizing Malaysia's extraordinary change. It is one of the world's tallest building with 88 floors. 

Batu Caves: Its one of the pilgrim place for many hindus. This caves was built to symbolize of respect to the ruler Murugan, who is the Hindu's divine force of war and triumph.

Various travel agents offers many Malaysia Tour packages. Packages offers like Malaysia Honeymoon Package, malaysia family tour etc. 

Romantic Honeymoon Destination and How to reach Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the best destination for newlywed couples. Malaysia known for its pristine sexy beaches and island resorts. Malaysia has the most seasoned tropical rain backwoods on earth, gigantic structures, glorious mosques, and a staggering shoreline. These things are sufficient to make a sentimental quality around you and your accomplice. We can guarantee you that you would basically adore investing energy with your accomplice in these excellent environment. That’s why Malaysia is considered as one of the ideal honeymoon destination. 

There are a many different ways of reaching Malaysia. You can take any method of transportation. There are an expansive number of railroads stations and airplane terminals in this nation. Malaysia is a standout amongst the most favored occasion escapes for Indian sightseers. No big surprise, Malaysia tour packages from India are much of the time taken up. The greater part of the significant aircrafts associate Malaysia to the real urban communities in India, and, to nations like Singapore, Thailand and Dubai. Various inns and travel operator organizations offer you various malaysia honeymoon packages. 

Experience the best of Malaysia with our Malaysia tour packages.